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Comentarios a “La materia contraataca: una tentativa objetológica”

Hace poco ha salido un publicado un artículo, “La materia contraataca: una tentativa objetológica“, de Jaron Rowan, Carla Boserman y Jara Rocha en el que citan uno de mis textos, como ejemplo de crítica hacia “el pensamiento …

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David Bloor’s “Anti-Latour” and the discussion

By Javier de Rivera 

This article is about the controversy between David Bloor and Bruno Latour in 1999, when Bloor wrote an article called “Anti-Latour”, in which he defended the approach of the Sociology of Knowledge against …

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Digital media, new social movements and the cosmopolitarian subject

By Javier de Rivera

The social movements of 2011 have put the political relevance of social media on the front page of social analysis. From a discourse based on the marketing marvelousness of the Web 2.0, the “prosumer” and …

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Opening a new blog

Why am I opening a new blog?

It’s not easy to define how you are presenting your projects online. What do you want to communicate? What’s the best way to do it?

First, I started Sociologia y Redes sociales

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