Science, Technology and Society


This is the final paper on Science and Technology Studies that I wrote for Jean François Blanchette class at the Information Studies Department at UCLA.

It is a general reflection about the STS field that goes around the differences implied in the meaning of the acronym S.T.S. The main argument is that the name of the field that became predominant, Science and Technology Studies, neglects the social implications of Science and Technology, pulling out most of the critical perspective implied in the alternative – and previous – name of the discipline: Science, Technology and Society.

The discussion begins following the description of the field made by Sergio Sismondo in his Introduction to STS to \”problematize\” the easy unification of the field narrated by him, and reflecting on the nature of this assemblage between social and physical and technological sciences.

It also includes a brief description of the books read in the program, using them as case studies, to characterize the field and understand it in its actual context.

Finally, the text proposes some conclusions to improve the research on the field so it can cover a broader perspective.

Download the paper: Reframing perspectives in Studies of Science and Technology and Society






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