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David Bloor’s “Anti-Latour” and the discussion

TweetBy Javier de Rivera  This article is about the controversy between David Bloor and Bruno Latour in 1999, when Bloor wrote an article called “Anti-Latour”, in which he defended the approach of the Sociology of Knowledge against Latour’s philosophy, and Latour retorted with a text titled “For David Bloor… and Beyond: A Reply to David […]

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Digital media, new social movements and the cosmopolitarian subject

TweetBy Javier de Rivera The social movements of 2011 have put the political relevance of social media on the front page of social analysis. From a discourse based on the marketing marvelousness of the Web 2.0, the “prosumer” and new business possibilities, we passed in just a few months to talk about political revolutions (in […]

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The Googlization of Everything – Book Review

Tweet By Javier de Rivera. Originally published in The International Journal of Communication, of USC Annenberg. The basic thesis of this book is that Google assumes roles and projects that, because of their central importance in society, should be carried out and led by public institutions, or at least subjected to regulations that assure the […]

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Reason Against the Machine

Tweet By Javier de Rivera Any technological device is the result of a social action, a certain set of relations, interests and motivations that produces it, even if the final result does not correspond to the original intentions of the creators. Mechanisms and devices do not have agency, because they do not have interests and […]

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Non-human agency, but human after all

Tweet  By Javier de Rivera This paper, HUMAN AFTER ALL, overviews some issues addressed in Johanna Drucker’s PhD seminar in Information Studies at UCLA (Spring 2013)  around the topic of New Materialisms. In it, I critique and argue against the influence of Latour’s philosophy on some authors of New Materialisms and of some accounts of […]

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Networks Withouth a Cause, by Geertz Lovink – Book Review

Tweet By Javier de Rivera Networks Without a Cause. A Critique of Social Media – by Geert Lovink. 2011. Polity Press Originally published on: Interactions UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies – Download PDF Networks Without a Cause offers a provocative and critical review of today’s well established social media. The book departs from […]

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Science, Technology and Society

Tweet  This is the final paper on Science and Technology Studies that I wrote for Jean François Blanchette class at the Information Studies Department at UCLA. It is a general reflection about the STS field that goes around the differences implied in the meaning of the acronym S.T.S. The main argument is that the name of […]

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Book Review, The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood. By James Gleick

Tweet What is information? This is probably the main question driving the reader throughout the book, which is presented as a comprehensive review of the concept of information, its history, meaning and role in modern society. In 437 pages, James Gleick takes the reader through the discovery of the “historicity” of the concept of information, […]

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Book Review: African Fractals, by Ron Eglash

Tweet Download the COMPLETE BOOK REVIEW African Fractals is an interesting book about ethno-mathematics in Africa. It is about about the presence of advanced mathematical concepts in traditional African cultures, and uses these findings as a way of empowerment for African cultures – diaspora included. It is a risky move, because it accepts the presence of […]

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Book Review: The Net Delusion, by Evgeny Morozov

TweetBy Javier de Rivera Originally written in in Jan 3, 2012. Considered one of the best books of the year 2011 by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, The Net Delusion offers an interesting analysis of the relation between Internet development and its political consequences, with an special emphasis in what is happening in authoritarian governments. […]

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