Opening a new blog

Why am I opening a new blog?

It\’s not easy to define how you are presenting your projects online. What do you want to communicate? What\’s the best way to do it?

First, I started Sociologia y Redes sociales as a resource to help me think about my thesis project of producing a sociological account of what was happening with the emergent success of social media and social networks. (Although that was not really the first one, but it\’s the oldest one that\’s still online). It was a considerable success, as it helped me get into the field I wanted, served me to experiment with ideas, exchange points of view with the \”web 2.0 community,\” and get the attention of students and journalists interested in the social media.

I also tried to make an English version of it, with Social Media Sociology, with a very few posts, some of them required a great amount of work, like the reviews on Morozov\’s Net Delusion or on Latour\’s Aramis.

Either way, the main problem I found is the definition of the project/issue from the beginning. So, sometimes it just seemed inappropriate to write about whatever other stuff I thought about. On the other hand, having a page with my name on it sounded a bit narcissistic, or maybe I didn\’t feel I had enough things to share. I\’m going to try now.

The language is another issue. In Spanish it is easier for me to get some attention, but in English I can address a global audience. So, I\’ll just try to mix both languages and see how it goes.

Also, I have to take care of managing the categories, to keep this place tidy.

That\’s all for the first post. The blog is opened.



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